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COVID-19 and Dental Treatment:

Our office has been carefully watching and adapting to the current recommendations for treating our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  You will notice there will be many changes from past dental visits.  We have followed and are currently following the recommendation from the American Dental Association.  We have adpated many control measures to ensure a safe comfortable experience, while recieving optimal oral heatlh care.  

The following are changes you can expect when visiting our office.

1.   For new patients, we will provide direct you on how to find the necessary paperwork before your dental visit.  This information must be completed before your dental visit or your appointment may be rescheduled.  Examples of required information would include - personal information, insurance information, and health questionnaire.

2.  Please stay in your car and call the office when you arrive. Our staff will then check you in accordingly.

3.  If you have a mask, please wear it. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you while you are moving throughout our office.  Please wear the mask while checking in and out of your dental visit.  Thank you.

4.  Hand sanitations areas are provided for you.  Please sanitize your hands as you come into our office and as you leave.

5. Only patients receiving treament will be allowed in the treatment rooms.  Please keep your personal belongs with you. There will not be a place to put them down in the treatment rooms.  

6.  An oral mouth rinse before exams and treament will be given. This is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and a bacterial rinse. 

7.  Air purifiers have been placed throughout the office to clean and purify the air more effeciently than the standard HVAC system in the building.  This ensures a quicker, clean air exchange for our office.

8.  Some rooms will be isolated by partitions to prevent aerosoles from traveling throughout  the office. This may look strange to see plactic partitions, but it will reduces the aerosols from spreading throughout the office for your health and our dental teams helath.

9.  Our staff will be wearing special protective clothing during dental proceedures.  This may look strange but has become neccessry durning this time.  This protective clothing is changed after every patient following a dental proceedure.

Thank you for taking the time to help provide optimal oral health care.


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